“A very special thank you to the wonderful team (..)They found our dream house in Cascais and truly went above and beyond our expectations at every step of the way. Sónia was so excellent that we even had other people (our mortgage broker and our lawyer!) telling us how organized, responsive and kind she was. The house-buying process can be difficult and confusing but Sónia kept in touch with us every step of the way, ensuring that we were always updated on everything that was happening. We will be forever thankful to the team for not only finding us this wonderful house but for making the process of buying it such a lovely and memorable one.”

“Whether we are buyers or sellers, we quickly realize that Sónia is an out-of-the-ordinary professional. The care, delicacy, kindness and grace with which she relates to buyers and sellers is exemplary. It achieves a perfect balance between detail, professionalism and its human side that is so beautiful. She apologized many times for being overly zealous, but we are the ones to thank for the right amount of zeal that one needs to have with all the details of the - slow, boring and complex - bureaucracy necessary to carry out these deals. From the first minute to the last, Sónia provided such attention and detail that she left us, as buyers, very relaxed with the entire acquisition process. We wish all buyers had a Sónia like ours.”

“In this structure, the Real State Advisor, Dra. Sónia Domingos, was the main link for the deed to reach a successful conclusion. A very capable, committed and hard-working young woman, she struggled against the immense difficulties that arose. She never turned her face away from difficulties and, as such, the sale of this land that my father-in-law had bought in the late 70s of the last century was a success. Having a collaborator of the quality of Dra. Sónia Domingos in your midst should be a source of pride for any company. Our family is very grateful for all the effort put in by Dra. Sónia Domingos. We wish you good health to be able to continue on the path of more successes. See you soon, see you forever. Strong hug."

“I want to thank you for your commitment and dedication in the process of acquiring my new home. From the first contact to the completion of the deed, I always felt accompanied, including in the process at my bank. Thank you very much!"

“We have past experience working with KW and have always been very impressed with their professionalism. Recently, when selling our house, we were lucky enough to come across Sónia Domingos and her team, who led us to a very successful sale. And it's not just the end result that counts. The way in which the whole process was carried out, the attention to details and details, the timely communication, the conduction of the visits, the enthusiasm shared with us made that, in the end, we felt that it was a journey made together and in sharing, more than just another sale. Not to mention the affection and friendship that we developed with Sónia. She is without a doubt a professional we recommend and with whom we will not hesitate to work again if necessary.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Sónia to find a rental property, and I couldn't be more pleased with the experience. From the beginning, Sónia demonstrated the utmost professionalism and dedication to ensuring that both myself as a renter and the landlords were treated fairly and respectfully. Sónia took the time to understand my needs and preferences for a rental property, and was always available to answer any questions I had throughout the process. In addition to their professionalism and expertise, Sónia also showed great care and consideration for the landlords they represented. They were transparent about the rental process, provided clear communication and expectations, and ensured that everything was done in accordance with legal and ethical standards.Overall, I would highly recommend Sónia to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, professional, and caring real estate agent. They made my rental search and process a breeze and I am soon to be happily settled into my new home. Thank you, Sónia, for all your hard work and dedication!”

"Sónia was a great help with our apartment. She made organising the rental agreement simple and easy. Questions were answered promptly and any additional concerns were clarified. I would happily reccomend Sónia to anyone interested in Realestate in the Lisbon area."

"We had the pleasure of working with Sónia Domingos on two occasions: the sale of our own family house in Cascais and the purchase of our new home in Sintra. On both occasions we had a great customer care experience: Sónia was at all times extremely reliable, professional, thorough and responsible. Not only did she present several candidates for our old house, she also proactively helped us find our dream home by constantly recommending new, suitable offers. She accompanyied us to each visit, helping us with her perfect English skills to communicate with Portuguese sellers, and guiding us through the entire transaction process. She made very useful and invaluable suggestions along the way. Given that we only possess very rudimentary Portuguese language skills, we were especially thankful to have Sónia when it came to dealing with legal matters with the Portuguese authorities such as waiting for the housing license, or managing the paperwork for the mortgage, or providing all legal documents to the notary. She went way above and beyond what one would expect from a real estate agent, was very flexible, proactive and was always available for us at any time including weekends and holidays. Her friendly and highly customer oriented manner made us feel highly valued and we would never have made it without her expert knowledge and experience. I would like to thank her for her exceptional customer service and for always being there for us and I very warmly recommend her to anyone who searches for a highly effective, professional and very friendly expert on their side when renting, buying or selling a property."

"Thank you Sónia, it was a pleasure to have you as a real estate agent, as you were the "chosen one" for this process, which was long and tiring. I want to highlight your tireless professionalism, always looking for alternatives that would help us overcome any setback. It wouldn't be like that with anyone else. You are a professional in this area like I have never seen and perhaps will never see again. Either in the relationship that you have with your clients or by those you chose to professionally support you in different areas. Thank you very much for everything. A big hug and once again thank you for all your patience. Thank you."

"Thank you Sónia! Experiencing the sale of a house these days is not easy due to everything involved, but thanks to you, everything has become easier. Professionalism and dedication, as you rarely see today, I always believed that you were the right person to achieve this goal. Tireless and always available, surrounded by a fantastic team, you resolved everything and, in addition, revealing that you are a very empathetic person who gives us confidence. Congratulations on the sale and on the excellent work!"

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