Sónia Domingos

I am a Mother, Woman, Entrepreneur, Lover of Writing and Passionate about Life. I like Houses, People and Stories. I like the Synesthesia of Art and the Simplicity of Life.

I like to work with Purpose, Empathy, Responsibility and Affection. I like to be happy and help others to be happy. I am Grateful, Restlessly Patient, and Love to Learn.

I have courageous frailties and curious strengths. I have family and friends who fill me with Love and Structure.

I’m Sónia and this is one of my pages. My Book is huge and full of space to write one more story. The next one could be with you: The story of your House.

Contact me to learn more about how we can walk this path and work together.



Whether we are buyers or sellers, it is very quickly that we realize that Sónia is an out-of-the-ordinary professional. The care, delicacy, kindness and grace with which she relates to buyers and sellers is exemplary. It achieves a perfect balance between rigor, professionalism and its human side that is so beautiful. He apologized many times for being overly zealous, but we are the ones to thank for the right amount of zeal that one needs to have with all the details of the - slow, boring and complex - bureaucracy necessary to carry out these deals. From the first minute to the last, Sónia provided such attention and rigor that she left us, as buyers, very relaxed with the entire acquisition process. We wish all buyers had a Sónia like ours.

We have past experience working with KW and have always been very impressed with their professionalism. Recently, when selling our house, we were lucky enough to come across Sónia Domingos and her team, who led us to a very successful sale. And it's not just the end result that counts. The way in which the whole process was carried out, the attention to details and details, the timely communication, the conduction of the visits, the enthusiasm shared with us made that, in the end, we felt that it was a journey made together and in sharing, more than just another sale. Not to mention the affection and friendship that we developed with Sonia. She is undoubtedly a professional that we recommend and with whom we will not hesitate to work again if necessary.

“A very special thank you to the wonderful team (..)They found our dream house in Cascais and truly went above and beyond our expectations at every step of the way. Sónia was so excellent that we even had other people (our mortgage broker and our lawyer!) telling us how organized, responsive and kind she was. The house-buying process can be difficult and confusing but Sónia kept in touch with us every step of the way, ensuring that we were always updated on everything that was happening. We will be forever thankful to the team for not only finding us this wonderful house but for making the process of buying it such a lovely and memorable one.”

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